Save Instagram stories using our website. Just put anyone's username on the box and click submit button. So, now you able to view stories and Highlights. You can download anything you want after watching the Instagram full view.

Instagram is one of the best and the most popular apps at the moment and no one can deny this fact because the user engagement of this platform is actually increasing at a rapid pace every single day. Gone are the days when only Facebook was on top of people’s favourite social media platforms list. Right now, if you look around, you will find more people scrolling their Instagram ids instead of the Facebook ones.

The reason behind this change of behaviour and change of choices among people is quite justified because Instagram is an image-based app and images are more attractive. Not only this, in fact, Instagram keeps on introducing new features every other day and this is what keeps the users engaged. Long story short, if you have more liking towards Instagram and if you find it more useful and interesting then know that it’s quite common and plenty of other users have the same feelings and thoughts at the moment.

Viewing and Saving Stories On Instagram

Speaking of new features, Instagram released this new “Story” feature that allows people to upload their videos, slide shows and people can even come live on their “stories” section. It’s a great feature and since its launch, Instagram has noticed a massive change in its audience. More and more people are now becoming a part of this community because the benefits, features and of course the IG stories are just too good and too interesting.

Now, when it comes to saving an IG story, you can always save one that you’ve uploaded yourself. For example, if you went “live” on Instagram and if you want to save the story to your camera roll, you can always do that by tapping on the save video option that comes on the bottom left of your story. However, you cannot save what other people have uploaded in the same pattern.

Maybe Instagram will launch this feature/option in future but right now, you can only share someone else’s story but not save it to your phone. Now, instead of trying to find different online converters and downloaders, all you need to do is to find a good Instagram storey saver. Yes, you read that right!

There are a lot of online Instagram story savers available on the internet, especially on your play store. You just need to look carefully and find the one that suits your needs and is ranked good on the play store. With the help of an Instagram story saver, you can always save your story on your phone without any hassle and the best part is that the other person will not even be notified about it.

This is the solution we have for those who want to save the stories on their phones. So, now don’t wait any further and simply search for a good story saving the application and use it right away! Till then, let’s hope Instagram launches this feature itself!